Why I Am Writing

If you really want to know…

It has been bothering me for some time now that I have had the good fortune of someone passing along this information to me and I don’t have someone to pass along this information as well. Due to my profession I am unable to speak openly about my cannabis use and so I needed a way to give my information with a hint of anonymity. I believe firmly in karma and the need to give back to something that has changed my whole life. Cannabis truly has changed how I feel both physically and mentally. It has decreased my anxiety and strengthened my self esteem. Cannabis has decreased my inflammation in my gut and increased it motility and digestion. Cannabis has increased both my mental clarity and focus as well as improved my outlook on life. Cannabis has helped me survive nursing school and ultimately achieve my dream of being a nurse. Since I have started feeling better I find I have more compassion for others, I feel I have an increased awareness of the importance of helping those in need and looking out for each other. I have a heightened sense of responsibility to work towards the goal of unity. I know this may all seem like a bunch of nonsense but it has been building in me to the point where I have felt the need to share through this platform my journey. This is also partly for me as it is therapeutic for me to be able to talk freely about how I feel in an unstructured way. These posts may not flow in order and they may not be beautifully written but they are from the heart My Journey of Crohn’s, Cannabis, and ultimately myself.



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