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Finding my Passion

My push for cannabis use has slowly increased the more I have discovered its benefits for myself. It started with the decrease in the Crohn’s symptoms but as it found its way into my mental health it decreased my anxiety and improved my general mood. The many benefits I have experienced have helped develop my love for this surprising medicine and my excitement to share my experience with others but I am still a novice trying to figure out what exactly works best for me. Its been an evolving process that I feel I am getting better at.

My Tour Guide

Luckily I am in a state that has a large medicinal base allowing me access to multiple dispensaries with handouts,  pamphlets and bud tenders who look forward to question and answer sessions; I also have the added bonus of a more experienced “cannoisseur” by my side who can answer questions. The man in my life also happens to have Crohn’s as well as ADHD and anxiety and has been using cannabis to treat the symptoms of all three. He has five additional years experience and even though his journey is still evolving he can give advice or recommendations based on how I am feeling.

One thing that I am extremely grateful for is the man of my life understands the importance of this medication in my life and feels the same about it. Not being able to share how I feel about cannabis with my family or my friends has always been a challenge but having my man understand perfectly makes it better. Sorry but not really for that little bit of “cheesyness” but he really has been a huge help as I try to figure out what works best for me without overdoing it.

Learning to be Patient

This process of finding what healthy means to you is not an easy one and it hasn’t been easy for me so it is important to remember to BE PATIENT. Crohn’s symptoms don’t go away with one dose of medication, one change of script. Medications are trialed, changed, and increased to fit the person who needs them. So if one form of intake doesn’t work try another, if one strain doesn’t work try another! There are so many different options to try to find what works best and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. Its really hard to remember that changes don’t happen in a day so you don’t get frustrated along the way.