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There is a huge sterotype of cannabis users as lazy, obese, unproductive people. But this is JUST A STEROTYPE!!! These actions are also seen in people who have never tried cannabis but I am not this person. When I have a dose of cannabis I am able to get up and do simple things like dishes and laundry and grocery shopping. When I don’t have cannabis in my system I am in bed, or in the bathroom, or on the couch close to the bathroom. There is a huge difference in my mental clarity when I feel better. I was able to study a few chapters at a time, which in nursing school was over 100 pages, and actually retain the information and have organized notes. When I felt shitty I didn’t even attempt to study.

Its a Choice

Yes I could CHOOSE to be lazy and sit on the couch all day eating cookies, but I have spent so many days in my own bed because I don’t feel well enough to stand, or in hospital beds when I haven’t been healthy enough to be home, that it seemed like a waste if I spent my healthy day on my ass. Why would I not take full advantage of feeling like a normal person? Wouldn’t you want to go out and take a walk, or play with your dogs in the yard? If you felt good enough wouldn’t you want to go out to the movies, or go play a pick up sports game? When you know what is like to not have the option of leaving the house, and all of the sudden you have the ability to not only leave the house feeling well, but also have the confidence that you will continue to feel well until you return?! That was a game changer!! Now don’t get me wrong I will still binge watch Netflix on Remicade days when my energy is shot but it is no longer a daily occurrence.

What I expected Cannabis to do…

Before I actually tried Cannabis I had expectations in mind about how it would work. I expected it to have a similar effect as pain medication typically does. I expected it to numb my pain but give me just enough euphoria that I felt well enough to function. I expected it to work mainly on mind similar to the feel of narcotics that many Crohn’s patients are prescribed. I had been told to expect to feel fuzzy or sleepy, that might be giggly, and relaxed and so that was what I was expecting but that has not been my experience.

What Cannabis actually does…

Now my experience has been different then I thought it would be. Cannabis for me relieves my pain so yes my muscles do relax, but not to the point where I feel like I should just sit somewhere without the desire to move. My muscles get the feeling of just waking up in the morning where the want to be stretched and then exercised. In fact I have found myself much more active since starting the use of cannabis. I do not experience mental fuzziness in fact I think more clearly. Because my pain is no longer clouding my vision, and my anxiety that my stomach my change at any moment is gone I am actually able to focus better. I have been able to go to classes and retain the information no matter how long they last, I have better recall during an exam, and actively participate in class. I was able to graduate from nursing school and become a nurse because I can think now that the pain is finally gone! Crazy right? Cannabis also decreases the inflammation of my gut which helps keep the pain away as well as increase its effectiveness of digestion which also helps my body feel better. With cannabis my body works better then is had ever before. And yes I am a happier person with the use of cannabis but I think that is also due to the lack of pain and not something that the cannabis may add. Now that I am not in pain I smile more, I laugh more, I enjoy my life more and ultimately that makes me happy.